Monday, May 24, 2010

What up

Sooo whats up in our world....Dex is talking and talking and be goofy as ever. Roller derby is going good for me:) Im excited to get better and better. Im working on losing a little weight right now so that as I tone up I will also lose a little size. Cody and me have been good just working on projects around the house and such. Busy bees....I will post some pics soon! Promise:)


Monday, May 3, 2010


So I've been a Semi-busy momma!

Roller derby is awesome and Im loving the work out twice a week. Its hard getting in shape lol. This week I plan to get back to counting my daily intake of calories so I can shed some body fat. Im at 183 at the moment...I gained around 10 lbs with this passed pregnancy before miscarriage. I'm ready to shed that 10 pluse 20 more I think.

I can do it! I WILL DO IT!

Other than that I've just been busy with Dexterface and crafting alot for craft swaps.
It's been a fun past few weeks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's this?

So its been a great week! We had a nice little weekend, didn't do alot. Spring cleaned and hung out with old grumpy teething Dexter ( but god I love him). A nice weekend.

Ive been in good spirits, and really I think its just because I've been dreaming of Roller derby, and being a roller derby chick! That's all that I can think about and read about. Hell I haven't even gone to a practice yet. But come Tuesday I will be ready to get out there and embarrass myself...I need this!

I feel good and I'm ready. This came at a good time.
I'm ready to get bruised and roughed up, not nervous about that. I AM nervous about meeting the ladies though, like I'm in 7th grade again, afraid they will think I'm a dork.

Wish me luck that I can still skate like I used to, that I make some new friends. And maybe this feeling that I'm gonna love this will be sticking around for awhile.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In love.

With this little man.
He is just getting smarter and cuter every day.
It seems like in the past few weeks he has learned a handful of words, and succesfully climbing in and out and on top of all kinds of stuff. He can take his shoes off and will bring one of them to you when he wants to go outside. Dont try to stop him from going outside because this kid would live out there if we let him. He is alot like his daddy and a little like me, he's a good mix. I'm just very much so enjoying him.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Time heals all wounds, to a certain point at least.

Thank god this is a so far going swift for me. I begged and pleaded to whatever there is to pray to, that this would happen and fast for me. I just need to move on and start anew. Those prayers were answered in many a sense, I am on the mend. Today I haven't cried but once. Im positive, not in too much pain and looking towards the future. Hopefully it will be completely over by next time I go to my doctor and we can start looking forward to the next time we try (which will wait several months) because I'm just not ready to do this again yet. Im living on pure Hope, my babies smiles, and my Husbands love, add in some great support from our family and thats a cure for at least a tiny bit of my heartbreak.

Though the road may be rough ahead, I will not fear it.

Tonight is Pizza with my boys and our houseguest (my lil brother) and some ice cream<3


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Losing you...

So we found out yesterday, that we are in fact losing this little one. Technically I would of been 8 weeks and a few days. Baby just didn't make it that far, quite possibly there was just something wrong. And it just isn't its time.

Its been really hard, sooo very hard. I am amazed at how attached you can be to something you have only known a month. Im finding some strength in my little fella. And my wonderful husband. Im so thankful for what I do have. And that is an amazing group of people around me for support. Thank you to everyone.

This little angel has grown its wings for now. Maybe its time will come again. It's now just time to grieve, to heal, and to love whats around me.


Monday, March 29, 2010

6 weeks a couple days and bloated lol.

So being pregnant again is starting to get exciting. Other than feeling queasy constanly and randomly. I also feel like I've got the worst tummy bloat ever. There is also a sever lack of energy at any given time. Typical preggo crap lol.

Im getting excited though. I'm hoping that since I started out this pregnancy 30lbs lighter that I can be "cute" pregnant this time. As in be able to tell Im pregnant before Im like 8 months. I was a whale my last pregnancy ending at a smooth 250 at the end. This time I hope I stop near 200 or less.

In Dexter news, hes just so sweet. He is so free with his kisses, and I love when he goes Vroom as he drives his little cars (too cute)! He also is digging helping me garden, and likes to play in the dirt. Man I just love that little guy.